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City Council Introduces Real Property Tax Advisory Commission Recommendations; Residential A Bill 32 (15) up for first reading.

Under Resolution 2011-143, FD1, the Honolulu City Council established a Real Property Tax Advisory Commission comprised of seven citizens. According to Council Chair Martin, “Seeing that the Hawaii State Constitution was amended in 1978 to establish a Tax Review Commission, I felt that Oahu taxpayers should also have the same benefit of a periodic review of the City’s tax policy.”  The role of the commission is purely advisory and its recommendations are sent to the council for review and legislative action. 

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Honolulu REALTORS® Advocate for Housing Affordability

Honolulu’s Oahu island location makes it one of the nation’s most desirable and most expensive places to live. Unfortunately, the community currently faces a serious lack of housing inventory and a severe shortage of affordable housing. In response, Honolulu’s REALTORS® have established themselves as leaders in finding solutions to both issues.

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Resolution Revisits Legalizing TVUs

In 1989, the Honolulu City Council established provisions that allowed Transient Vacation Units (TVUs) located in zoning districts where they were no longer allowed to continue in operation if they were in existence prior to certain preceding dates and obtained a Nonconforming Use Certificate (the grandfather policy). But certain residential areas on Oahu have had long-term problems with illegal TVU operations, resulting in complaints to the City about noise, illegal parking and other problems associated with such operations.

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