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Director-at-Large Candidates

Question 1: If elected, what assets (i.e. skills, expertise, etc.) would you bring to the Board of Directors, and how would these benefit the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® and its membership?

Question 2: If elected, what would be your primary focus for the year as a member of the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® Board of Directors?


Lorraine Fukumae

Lorraine Fukumae, R


Marcus & Associates

Q1: I would bring 25 years of real estate experience and the strong belief in continued education and cooperation amongst REALTORS®. Served in the past as the CRS education chair and on the Professional Standards & Arbitration Committee.

Q2: I think it's important that REALTORS® continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge so that they can provide the consumer with professional advice and services. I would like to help bridge the gap between the different real estate designations and institutions and focus on the value of continued education in our profession.


Shannon Heaven

Shannon Heaven, R


Property Profiles, Inc.

Q1: Serving as the Hawaii CRS President, Secretary, BOD, HARLA trustee, & chair of our last two HAR conventions has given me a great overview of the needs of our members. I've also been attending NAR mid-year meetings & conventions for the last 10 years to keep abreast of what's going on with NAR. I feel being informed is critical to HBR's success.

Q2: Being part of the Board is an opportunity to be a voice for its members. I will be an advocate for increasing the professionalism and education of our members in sales as well as the property management field.


Barbie Hee

Barbie Hee, R


Engel & Volkers Honolulu

Q1: If elected, I am hoping that the 12+ years that I have served on Grievance, PSAC and the City Affairs Committee will bring some insight and knowledge to the challenging issues and problems REALTORS® currently face today. Striving to uphold the integrity and the professionalism in our REALTOR® industry are of paramount importance to me.

Q2: If elected, my primary focus is to first support the team that is currently in place then to see how we can assist our fellow REALTORS® in understanding the value of what their membership provides and how to best utilize the system. I think that there are so many valuable tools, information and skill sets that are under-utilized by our members.


Derek Lau

Derek Lau, R


Real Estate Specialists

Q1: If elected, I plan to draw on my experience of serving on other boards and committees to fulfill my duties as a director. I'll also be attending the Hawaii Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy this year, where I hope to learn new leadership skills that I can use to benefit HBR.

Q2: One of my top priorities would be to strengthen the REALTOR® brand by improving the quality of the tools and knowledge of our REALTOR® members.


Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart, R


Stewart & Associates

Q1: As a second generation REALTOR® I have nearly 30 years of experience in the Oahu real estate market. My practice is specializing in residential property management and therefore I bring an expertise and voice to the Board that has been under represented in the past. I also have extensive national nonprofit board experience.

Q2: The primary focus of any board member is to set policies for effective planning, protect the assets and ensure adequate financial resources. With a strong organization, we can partner with our Executive Director to effectively provide the services and skills to our membership needed to address the rapidly changing face of the market place.



Metro Regional Director Candidates

Ron Hamic

Ron Hamic, R


Hapa Realty

Q1: My background in marketing, finance, and hospitality along with being an Army veteran have prepared me for this role. I sit on the Strategic Planning and Government Affairs committees for HAR and have been in state YPN leadership for 3 years. I chair the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Honolulu Board and would love to bring my passion for service to HBR!

Q2: Outside of assisting with execution of the board’s strategic plan and doing all I can do to make sure we reach all of our goals as an organization, I’d prioritize:

  1. Sourcing and providing quality resources to the general membership.
  2. Recruiting and engaging quality volunteer leaders to help raise REALTOR® professionalism and to keep us relevant!

Aaron Tangonan

Aaron Tangonan, RA


Q1: With my transition between real estate agent to escrow sales and back, I feel I have a broader perspective of our profession as a whole and can approach issues with the consumer and REALTORS® in mind. In addition, my 10+ years of service at the regional level of HBR has taken me on a path of constant learning, improvement, and growth.

Q2: I would like to strengthen the succession plan of the Metro Regional Group by encouraging more volunteers to serve in our region and ultimately evolve them into leadership roles on the HBR Board of Directors while being an effective liaison between the two entities.



Windward/North Shore Regional Director Candidate

Sue Alden

Sue Alden, R


Sterling Hawaii Homes

Q1: I would bring to the Board of Directors a continued enthusiasm, together with my knowledge and expertise having worked for over 20 years as a real estate paralegal, 5 years as a REALTOR® Associate, and 4 years as a Broker. I value both our members and Board members because of the unwavering support I have always received and want to continue working with the Board for increased awareness and professionalism and to give back to our profession. I will continue to communicate, be open and approachable and will do my best to think outside the box in coming up with new ideas, insights and plans.

Q2: I believe that as a licensed profession, our members need to show their pride in being a REALTOR® and should display that pride in their actions as a real estate professional, especially in view of the fact that we are working with buyers and sellers with their most valuable asset, their home. Thus, my primary focus will be to continue our efforts to increase our professionalism and to raise awareness of our REALTORS® and the important services they can provide.


Shannon Among

Shannon Among, RA


Redfin Corporation

Q1: I believe I bring excitement and pride in being a real estate agent. It's not just a job, we make a difference in people's lives. I am transparent and approachable and am not afraid to speak up and share the views of the agents in our region.

Q2: My primary focus will be to bridge the gap between our Region and the Board. Share the thoughts behind decisions made, not just report the final outcome. We all have the same goal of serving our clients and the Board is here to support us. I sincerely want agents to feel that.

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