On July 29, Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 as a free upgrade to its operating system.  This Windows upgrade will include Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which is the same version of Internet Explorer included with Windows 8 and is compatible with all current versions of Matrix.

Matrix users will not have issues if they upgrade to Windows 10 and continue to use IE11.

Windows 10 also includes a brand-new browser called “Edge” (code named “Spartan”). CoreLogic has been testing Matrix with pre-release versions of the new Edge browser and has discovered several issues. These issues will be corrected on a priority basis in the coming weeks.  The few issues discovered so far are not critical in nature and will not prevent users from using the new browser.

Please note that users are not required to use the new Edge browser. 

All Matrix customers can continue to access Matrix using the IE11 browser provided with the Windows 10 upgrade. 

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