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City Council Begins Budget Briefings

Budgeting is a key public policy-making process. Because the city’s financial resources are limited, the budget becomes a means for public policymakers to choose between competing requests. In answering the question “Who gets what?” the council establishes the goals of city government and, consequently, prescribes the values and priorities of the city.

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City Council Considers Bill to Preserve Health Care Along Rail

Bill 14, intended to preserve health care services along the rail line, passed first reading .The bill was introduced in response to development around Ala Moana Shopping Center and in Kakaako, as well as concerns about ongoing investment in luxury condominiums at the expense of other services. read more.

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Bill 8 Addresses Mixed Use Property Taxes

For years, city administration has struggled to monitor and maintain records involved in real property tax assessments for mixed-use properties. Owners of these units pay property taxes based on the higher valued commercial use of the property, as well as the residential use, which provides a lower tax rate. 

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Resolution Allows Council Interaction To Investigate Rail Funding

City Council Resolution 16-255, introduced by Council Member Ikaika Anderson, would establish a group of council members to investigate funding for the Honolulu rail project by working with state, county and federal officials.

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