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City Council Passes Budget, No Increase To Real Property Taxes

Each year, the city adopts three budgets. The Executive Operating Budget explains where the city gets its money and how it will be spent to pay for day-to-day operations of the executive branch. The Legislative Budget describes how the city council and its activities will be funded. The Capital Budget lists and describes long-lived projects, such as highways, parks and buildings, which the city will undertake during the next six years, as well as identifying in which years appropriations will be required. The Capital Budget is commonly referred to as the “CIP” for Capital Improvement Program.

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Bill 35 Amends Low Income Tax Credit

Council Members Ann Kobayashi and Joey Manahan introduced Bill 35, which would amend the city’s real property tax credit program. The bill changes the 4 percent titleholder’s income provision to 3 percent, resulting in a real property tax credit for each recipient in the amount that exceeds 3 percent of their income. The income threshold would remain at $60,000; however, the bill also proposes a tax credit cap of $6,000.

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2016 City Council Candidates

June 7 was the filing deadline for candidates seeking election to City Council. Races with only two candidates will be voted on during the general election. Races with three or more candidates will be voted on during the primary election. If a candidate secures 50 percent of the vote plus one, then that candidate will win the race outright. If no candidate receives a majority, then the top two vote getters will move on to the general election.

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Bill Proposes Waiving ADU Costs

Wed., May 4, city council will hear Bill 27 for second reading, and return it to the Zoning Committee. Bill 27 proposes to create incentives for accessory dwelling unit (ADU) production by temporarily exempting ADUs from certain fees and to permanently exempt ADUs from the requirement to provide or dedicate land for park and playground purposes. The bill also proposes waiving permit fees for grading and grubbing related to ADU development and requires the Department of Planning and Permitting to approve or deny an ADU permit request within 30 days.

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