Aloha ‘Āina Client Submission FAQ

NEW: Can I be nominated for managing a rental?

Yes. We heard the feedback from our members and have included an Aloha ‘Āina award category for property managers. The client nomination may come from either the renter/tenant or the landlord/property owner (unless the REALTOR®/property manager is the landlord/owner). Questions? Please email [email protected].

How will I know if I have been nominated?

Both the nominator and the nominee will receive a confirmation notice once a nomination has been successfully submitted online. Additionally, the nominee will receive a copy of his or her nomination. If you believe your client submitted a nomination but you did not receive an e-mail confirmation, we suggest you follow up with your client. It's possible that your client may have saved, but not submitted, the nomination. If your client requires further assistance, please ask your client to call HBR Customer Service at 808.732.3000, Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What information will my client need to complete the online nomination?

You will need to send your client a link to the online submission website. HBR has created a template that you may use when asking your client to nominate you for the Aloha ‘Āina REALTOR® Awards. Your client will also need 1) your name, 2) your e-mail address, and 3) the transaction closing date and property address.

Whom may my client call if he or she needs technical assistance in completing the online nomination? 

Your client may call HBR's Customer Service at 808.732.3000. It is advised that clients use Google Chrome to complete the online nomination for the best browser experience.

What if my client does not have computer or Internet access?

If your client does not have computer or Internet access, following these steps:

  1. Call HBR Customer Service at 808.732.3000 to request a paper form, then have your client complete the required information & sign the form.
  2. The REALTOR® (nominee) will then be responsible for receiving the completed form from his or her client and submitting the information to HBR's online submission system.
  3. To submit a paper form on behalf of a client, the  REALTOR® (nominee) will need to upload a PDF or image file (.jpg) of the fillable paper nomination form to the online system using the "I am a REALTOR®" button on the home page. All nominations must be submitted via the online submission system. HBR staff will call nominators (clients) for confirmation of their nominations and submissions on behalf of their nominees (REALTOR® members). 

May my client e-mail or mail a nomination form to HBR?

No, only online nominations will be accepted. Client may mail nomination form to REALTOR® member, who must then submit on the client's behalf.

Why did HBR introduce an online submission for the Aloha ‘Āina REALTOR® Awards Program™?

After consulting with HBR members and peer REALTOR® associations, HBR determined that using an online submission system has several advantages over the previous form-based e-mail submission system, including:

  • Greater ease for client
  • Increased client participation
  • Immediate confirmation of nomination receipt and copy of nomination, for both the nominator and the nominee
  • System can accept REALTOR® teams and co-agents