Staff Directory

Executive Services

Suzanne Young Chief Executive Officer 808-792-7836
Rona Shibuya Executive Assistant 808-791-6112
Minerva Tanouye Governance Coordinator 808-792-4944


Stephanie Nojima Director of Government Affairs & Programs 808-792-4943
Vacant Programs Administrative Assistant  808-792-7832
Rochelle Roberto Professional Standards 808-792-4945
Geena Ishikawa Communications 808-792-4938
Cheryl Enriques Research Analyst 808-792-4934
Sherida Warren Education Administrator 808-792-4939
Marie Vasquez Education Administrative Assistant 808-792-4949


Ryan Obrero Director of Finance 808-792-4927
Lilibeth Dauz Senior Accountant 808-792-4928
Leo Xiong Accountant 808-792-4925
Faye Little Accounts Receivable Specialist 808-792-4929

Information Technology

Ed Taguba IT Manager 808-792-4947
Coleen Chinaka Member Database Manager 808-792-4930
Stanley Huang IT Support Specialist 808-792-1001

Member Services, Sponsorship, Events

Sharon Baba Chief Operating Officer 808-792-4942
Terri-Lynn Bohan Customer Service & Membership Manager 808-792-4920
Jodie Miyataki Member Services/HBR Store 808-792-4936
Antonio Gornet Member Services 808-792-4924
Michelle Yokomizo Sponsorship/Events/Affiliate Membership 808-792-4923

HiCentral MLS, LTD.

Technical Support (Matrix MLS) 808-791-3789
MLS Fax 808-683-7038


Dean Kim Director of MLS 808-792-4948
Aimee Miura MLS Administrative Assistant 808-792-4935
Kekoa Giron MLS Client Care & Programs Manager 808-792-4937
Andrew Gallardo Client Care Representative 808-792-7830
Kendall Patterson Client Care Representative 808-792-4926
Courtney Hannah Client Success Manager 808-792-4932
Jenny Lee MLS Compliance Manager 808-792-4941
Lori Charlton MLS Data Integrity Specialist 808-792-4931
Alex Ruiz MLS Solutions Manager 808-792-4946
Bruce Wee Systems Analyst and Data Licensing Manager 808-792-4933


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