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Bill 41 Passed 1st Reading

The Honolulu City Council passed Bill 41 (7-2 vote) on Wednesday 11/10 in its 1st reading. The bill's current form is the original version and does not include any of the positive changes put forth by the DPP and Planning Commission. Several councilmembers expressed concern over this and that there is confusion amongst the public of which bill will be moving forward and considered. Councilmember Elefante who is the Chair of the Zoning and Planning Committee noted they will work to clear the confusion and move forward with one bill for consideration in his zoning and planning committee meetings.

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STR Proposal Advances

On Wednesday, September 29, the planning commission voted 6-1 to advance the bill to the Honolulu City Council. The commission recommended splitting the bill into rules for residential zones and rules for resort zones and move forward with rules for residential zones. However, the details of the specific recommendations were unclear.

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