• Using YouTube for Listing Videos

    Using YouTube for Listing Videos


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    Hello All - We've been getting a lot of questions lately on using YouTube for listing videos. 

    There's good news - you can use YouTube to post your listing videos!  There's no need to spend money for another video hosting provider.    

    There are a couple rules you need to follow though to make sure your video posting is in compliance with HiCentral MLS Rules and Regulations - But hey, when aren't there rules?!

    The most obvious one is you must post your unbranded video to an unbranded channel.  Choose something that's relatively generic and doesn't refer to you or your listing brokerage name, brand, photos, or license number.  For example maybe use 808_listing _videos instead of Fry's_Brokerage_Co.

    The next is to keep that channel "clean" of all other videos - this isn't the place to put up your videos of your kids, your cats, yourself, or your other money making enterprises - like how to get right using Turo!

    It's best not to post your video as part of a playlist.  You want visitors to see that listing and only that listing. 

    Please ask your photographer to remove their watermarks - their logos or company names - from the video.  They're probably proud of their company and rightfully so, but you don't need their logo on your client's listing.

    And those are the highlights.  It's pretty simple, but if you follow these very basic rules, you should be good-to-go!  As always though if you get stuck or have a question, please give us a ring at client care and we can get you straightened out!


    ~The MLS Team 


    TL:DR?  Just want the "dos" and "don'ts"?  Here you go:

    DO post unbranded videos to the MLS - they're great and will help market your client's listing

    DO post your unbranded video to an UNBRANDED youtube channel

    DON'T include your name, license number, contact info, URL, photos/video of yourself, or content unrelated to the listing

    DON'T make the video part of a playlist

    DO unleash your creativity - include "lifestyle" elements of the home or location - now's the time for that listing to shine! 


    Go out and do great things with your unbranded videos!