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Video: LionDesk Workshop

Watch a replay of our workshop with Jen Kelly and Ryan Andrews as they highlight key features of LionDesk*, an easy to use CRM. Boost your lead generation and communication with auto drip campaigns, bulk text messages, video communication, task reminders, AI lead assist, multiple pipeline transaction management, and more.

* This product is currently under evaluation by the staff and board of HiCentral MLS.
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Video: MLS-Touch GMM Workshop

Watch a replay of the MLS-Touch GMM workshop. Charles Drouin from MLS-Touch shows off the MLS-Touch features that make MLS-Touch our go-to mobile app.

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Update Your Browser!

To maintain the highest level of security for your data and keep us in line with industry wide best practices, Clareity is ending support for TLS 1.0 on July 17, 2018. TLS is a protocol used in your browser that provides secure communications on the Internet for such things as email, instant messaging and other data transfers. If you are using any of the following browser versions to access the Clareity MLS dashboard, you will need to update by July 17, 2018 to prevent disruption of service.

  • Chrome Version 21 or below (current version 65)
  • Android Version 5.0 or below (current version 8.1)
  • Firefox Version 26 or below (current version 59)
  • IE 10 or below (current version 11)
  • Opera version 13 or below (current version 52)
  • Safari 6 or below (current version 11)

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