Effective Tuesday, August 25, the Manage Virtual Tours input form will be removed. Virtual tours will be entered directly into the General tab of the Listing Input Form. Below are instructions for the new virtual tour input:

  1. Go to Input
    From the main menu, click on Input.
  2. Select a Listing
    From the dropdown menu, select the listing that you want to edit.
  3. Go to the Input Form
    Click on the property type link (Single Family, Condo/Townhouse, etc.)
  4. Click to the General Tab
  5. Input Virtual Tour
    In the Virtual Tour section, select whether you want to use Immoviewer, or another virtual tour service.
    • Yes - Select Yes if you would like to use Immoviewer, and then click on the Submit Listing button. Immoviewer will generate a landing page and video. A link to the landing page will automatically be inserted into the Virtual Tour field.
      Note: Immoviewer generates the video and landing page nightly - the virtual tour link will be added the following morning.
    • No - Select No if you will use another virtual tour service. Then, enter the URL to your virtual tour in the Unbranded Virtual Tour URL field and click on the Submit Listing button.


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