We sometimes hear from agents that their buyer wants pictures of their brand-new property “off the internet."

We can understand that.  We get it. 

So - Here’s how to do this for your client.

The Buyer’s agent should work with the Listing Agent and ask them to change the internet show flag from “Yes” to “No”.  This will get the property off the most popular web sites where they might appear.

Note:  As part of HIC MLS’s service to its’ listing agent/brokers and their clients, when a listing is put into the MLS the broker/agent can choose whether or not to “syndicate” that listing to the hundreds of websites that syndicate active listings from the MLS.  Since most listings on the internet are “for sale”, the majority of properties are removed from most sites when the property sells. 

Some websites operated by brokers who are part of the MLS are able to display “sold” listings.  Therefore simply selling the property wont take the property off the internet.  So you need to work with the agent/broker who listed the property to get the photos off the internet as described above.

Now the listing agent knows that the “show internet” flag was set to “yes” when the property was for sale so the listing broker (BIC or PB) must authorize the changing of the flag from yes to no.  It’s even better when the seller who listed the property also authorizes the change - but this is not required after the sale (the former seller doesn’t own the home and the broker owns the listing).

If a couple days pass after you took the steps above, and for some reason you’re still seeing photos on the internet that shouldn’t be there, drop us a note at [email protected] or call us at 791-3789 and we’d be glad to help.  Be sure to include the URL (internet address of the page you saw the photos on and we’ll get them off there.)

The MLS exists for the perpetual benefit of ALL its' users - and the pictures of a property are useful to all of us, so please DON'T delete photos from the MLS.  We’ll just make you put 'em back! laughing


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