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Guidance for City Ordinance 22-6 Relating to Short-Term Rentals

Information updated: 08/04/2022

Effective March 28, 2022, sellers are obligated to disclose to the buyer whether or not the residential property being sold may be used legally as a short-term rental.

HBR’s General Counsel has prepared an informational bulletin that summarizes:

  1. key elements of Ordinance 22-6
  2. requirements for new Short-term Rental Disclosure form (Note: DPP updated their form on 08.03.22), including evidence documents and time periods for disclosing to the buyer in relation to execution of the purchase contract and submitting copies of the documents to DPP following closing of the sale
    1. When Box 2 of disclosure form is checked
      Per clarification received from DPP, if a seller checks Box 2 (to disclose the operation of an STR is not a legal use for the property being sold), then DPP does not need to receive the form; the seller should only provide the disclosure form to the buyer.
  3. Q&A, guidelines, and considerations for implementing Ordinance 22-6 -- Updated 05/02/2022

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Bill 41 to be heard again soon; Bill 4 deferred

HBR and our City Affairs Committee leadership continue to meet with various Councilmembers to voice our concerns about Bill 41. Last month we met with DPP Director Dean Uchida and have a meeting scheduled with Mayor Blangiardi in a few weeks. 

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Bill 41, CD1 Passed 2nd Reading

The Honolulu City Council voted 7-2 and passed Bill 41, CD1 in its 2nd reading on Wednesday, 1/26. In its current form, the bill increases the minimum rental requirement to 90 days from 30 days for short-term rentals.

The hearing included hours of public testimony from nearly 200 people, in addition to hundreds of written testimonies, with a majority voicing their opposition to this measure. Thank you to many of you who submitted your own testimonies. A big shoutout to CAC Chair Dianne Willoughby and Vice-Chair Jennifer Andrews for patiently waiting hours for their turn to present oral testimony on behalf of HBR. KITV’s coverage of the hearing contained a short portion of Jennifer’s testimony expressing HBR’s position against the bill and noting the change in definition from 30 to 90 days. 

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HBR Submits Testimony Opposing Bill 41

HBR submitted testimony on the proposed CD1 to Bill 41 (2021) at a special committee meeting of the Committee on Zoning and Planning on January 20th. One of Councilmember Elefante’s proposed changes is a 90-day rental requirement (from 180 days). You can view HBR’s submitted testimony here.

Update - 01/26/2022:

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