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Guidance for City Ordinance 22-6 Relating to Short-Term Rentals

Information updated: 08/04/2022

Effective March 28, 2022, sellers are obligated to disclose to the buyer whether or not the residential property being sold may be used legally as a short-term rental.

HBR’s General Counsel has prepared an informational bulletin that summarizes:

  1. key elements of Ordinance 22-6
  2. requirements for new Short-term Rental Disclosure form (Note: DPP updated their form on 08.03.22), including evidence documents and time periods for disclosing to the buyer in relation to execution of the purchase contract and submitting copies of the documents to DPP following closing of the sale
    1. When Box 2 of disclosure form is checked
      Per clarification received from DPP, if a seller checks Box 2 (to disclose the operation of an STR is not a legal use for the property being sold), then DPP does not need to receive the form; the seller should only provide the disclosure form to the buyer.
  3. Q&A, guidelines, and considerations for implementing Ordinance 22-6 -- Updated 05/02/2022


The guidelines and considerations are intended solely for informational purposes only to the members of the HONOLULU BOARD OF REALTORS®, providing some plain level of interpretation and understanding of City Ordinance 22-6 (Bill 2), and is not intended to provide and should not be interpreted to provide any legal advice, opinion, or consultation in any respect or manner concerning any particular sale of residential real property, the facts and circumstances of which will differ with each transaction. HBR will continue to seek further clarification on the application and implementation of City Ordinance 22-6 and will report back to its membership as more information is obtained from the City. HBR urges its members to consult with their own legal counsel in these matters when necessary.

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