Advocacy Updates

Bills Address Cost of Fire Safety Measures

On the heels of the City Council Council’s Residential Fire Safety Advisory Committee (FSACO) Report, a number of bills have been introduced to provide some relief in the cost of addressing fire safety code recommendations.

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City Council Moves TVR/BB Resolutions

The Honolulu City Council made another attempt to restart the discussion around transient vacation rentals (TVRs) and bed-and-breakfast (BBs) operations. The Committee on Zoning and Housing has met to hear testimony–much in opposition–on four resolutions: 17-52 introduced by Ron Menor; 17-163 and 17-164 introduced by Ernie Martin; and 17-301 introduced by Ikaika Anderson.

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Rail Transit Plan Submitted to FTA

With support from the Hawai‘i State Legislature, Governor David Ige, Honolulu City Council leadership, and HART, the City has been able to deliver the financial plan to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) which allows for the completion of the rail project to Ala Moana. According to the City, there is no alternative that will provide transportation equity to the tens of thousands of families who will use rail every day to get into town quickly and easily, without spending countless hours in gridlock. 

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Real Property Tax: Highest and Best Use, and Why You Should Care

By Tom Yamachika, President, Tax Foundation of Hawaii

Earlier this year, the City & County of Honolulu tinkered with its real property tax system.  People who aren’t aware of what happened may find themselves with property tax bills many times what they are now.

In Honolulu, as in most other counties here and in many jurisdictions on the Mainland, there are several property tax classifications.  For example, there is residential use that is taxed at $3.50 per $1,000 of assessed value; commercial use, taxed at $12.40; and hotel/resort, taxed at $12.90.  The classification that you fall in is determined by the “highest and best use” of your property. 

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