Professional Standards Policy 45

Boards and Associations may, as a matter of local discretion, adopt procedures authorizing the publication of the names of ethics violators, subject to the following qualifications:

  • Publication can only occur after a second violation occurs within three (3) years.
  • Publication can only be made in an official communication vehicle intended primarily for members of the Board (or Boards) in which the violator holds (held) membership. Where the official communication vehicle is electronic or Internet-based, access must be limited to Board members. (Amended 11/04)
  • The name of the firm the violator is (or was) licensed with cannot be published.
  • Publication must be consistent and uniform. This means that publication may not occur selectively but must be used in each instance where a second violation is determined within three (3) years.
  • Other than the violator's name, the only additional information that may be published is the Article (or Articles) violated, and the discipline imposed, except that in cases where the violator's name is similar to another member's name, the violator's license number or office address (or both) may also be published. (Amended 11/99)
  • At least one of the violations must be based on conduct which occurs after the adoption of these procedures. (Adopted 2/99)

From the NAR Code of Ethics & Arbitration Manual  

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