Regional Group Officers

Metro Region

Aaron Tangonan, Director  
Nathalie G. Champion, Chair 859-0027
Chris A. Prendergast, Vice Chair 388-5555
Chad R. Okumura, Assistant Vice Chair 255-5590
Christina M. Berry, Secretary 391-6722
Jasper R. Cabiao, Secretary 600-4998 
Spencer H. Lee, Treasurer 729-1919

East Oahu Region

Lael Wheeler, Director  
Christina Laney Mitre, Chair 282-1399
Leonie Lam, Vice Chair 754-3020
Noe Johnson, Secretary 271-0889
Daniele M. Leong, Treasurer 227-6415

Leeward Region

Joshua Horita, Director  
Sunny F. Lee-Oshiro, Chair 368-3699
Carri L. Pothier, Vice Chair 798-0964
Michele K. Cadiente-Cargo, Secretary 223-9504
Quentin K. Chun, Treasurer 265-4359
Chance K. Knell, Charity Coordinator 282-6002

North Shore Regional

Shannon P. Among, Director  
Sean Wingate, Chair 429-8460 
Jim Gayle, Vice Chair 778-4274
Julia Fetzer, Secretary 286-7550
Manny A. Diaz, Treasurer 638-4849

Windward Regional

Shannon P. Among, Director  
Tobias D. Huber, Chair 218-5834
Michael R. Wong, Vice Chair 226-1108
Ashley Seeger, Secretary 266-0150
Kevin K. Sumimoto, Treasurer 371-1063

Molokai Regional

Lael Wheeler, Director  
Robert A. Stephenson, Chair 658-0608

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