Selection and Appointment of the Mediation Committee

There will be a standing CEO committee, known as the Mediation Committee, in good standing, composed of a majority of REALTORS®. The Mediation Committee will hold regularly scheduled meetings. In selecting members of the Mediation Committee, the CEO should consider the following recommended criteria:

  • number of years as a REALTOR®
  • number of years in the real estate business
  • primary and secondary fields of real estate endeavour/expertise
  • participation in post-licensing real estate education
  • training in the Code of Ethics
  • position in firm (principal, nonprincipal)
  • size of firm
  • common sense and open-mindedness
  • familiarity with state(s) laws and regulations
  • receptiveness to instruction/training and other relevant professional or procedural training

The committee should have balanced representation of REALTORS® andREALTOR-ASSOCIATES®,, men, and women, and should include representatives of various racial and ethnic groups. Committee members should be mature, experienced and knowledgeable persons of a judicial temperament.

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