The REALTOR® Trademark


The National Association is the proud owner of numerous marks including but not limited to the terms REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, REALTORS®, the REALTOR® Logo and the Block "R" mark (which may be referred to collectively as the "MARKS").

The Marks are collective membership marks which serve to identify Members of the National Association and distinguish them from non-members*. Since 1916, when the unique term REALTOR® was first "coined" or "invented", the public has come to recognize those who use the MARKS as Members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and, as such, providers of real estate related services consistent with a strict Code of Ethics and the highest standards of professionalism. Member Boards**, through their use of the MARKS, are recognized as Member organizations.

Members are licensed by the National Association to use one or more of the MARKS in connection with or in reference to themselves and their real estate businesses.

**Member Boards (such as HBR) are licensed to use the term REALTORS® as part of their name, or in the title of their publication, and to use the REALTOR® Logo in connection with their name. Member Boards may also be licensed to use the Block "R" mark in connection with a Member Board logo.

Note: Review the NAR rules below BEFORE you register a new firm name with the DCCA. The DCCA rules do not cover the proper use of the term REALTOR® therefore they will not be able to determine if your firm name is correct or incorrect according to NAR rules.

Should your firm name be incorrect per NAR rules, you will be responsible for your own expenses to comply.

Before using the Marks with your name or with a new firm name, carefully review the following NAR references:

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