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Manahan Introduces Road Rage Bill


Council Member Joey Manahan introduced Bill 50 in an attempt to reduce “road rage” on Oahu streets and highways. The bill specifically prohibits behaviors that provoke or aggravate incidents that threaten public health and safety. It was introduced on the heels of a recent action near Waikele that shut down multiple lanes and caused rush-hour gridlock to west Oahu.


The bill's language restricts drivers from engaging in any of the following actions against a person in another vehicle:

  • Repeatedly sounding the vehicle’s horn or flashing the headlights unless to warn of a hazard

  • Repeated sudden acceleration up to the rear of the vehicle

  • Sudden braking to discourage following too closely

  • Intentionally preventing another driver from merging into the traffic lane

  • Intentionally cutting off another driver

  • Swerving to prevent passing or to alarm another driver

  • Forcing or attempting to force another vehicle off the street or highway

  • Positioning or stopping the vehicle to prevent the other vehicle from proceeding

  • Slowing down in front of the other vehicle to prevent the vehicle from proceeding at the prevailing speed

  • Brandishing a weapon or object capable of inflicting serious bodily injury or death

  • Exiting the vehicle to confront the other driver.


Further, the bill restricts drivers and passengers from using offensive or threatening gestures, throwing objects at another vehicle, or shouting obscenities or threats.

The bill is waiting for first reading before full council. While the intention is admirable and addresses the rising incidence of road rage, the Honolulu Police Department may have some enforcement challenges.




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