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Update: Short-term vacation rentals

As HBR and our City Affairs Committee (CAC) continue to engage with City Council and various county departments on Ordinance 19-18, we appreciate the questions and concerns that were raised by our members at the HBR Agent Forum on July 12 regarding Bill 89 as to how the new law change will impact real property with Nonconforming Use Certificates (NUC). The understanding of the law, how it will be enforced and regulated, addressing existing NUC’s and B&B’s and newly permitted B&B’s, is still under discussion and review by DPP. As more clarity is provided, HBR will continue to provide updates. Links to the forum handouts and videos can be found below.

CAC, its subcommittees, and task forces commit a great deal of deliberation before taking a position to recommend action by HBR. If the HBR BOD agrees with CAC’s recommendation, then CAC will meet with councilmembers and submit written and/or oral testimonies. However, and this is very important, HBR relies heavily on the engaged participation from our members to provide their voices and perspectives in the surveys and CFA’s (“Call for Action”) that we send out. CAC and HBR proceed based on the responses we get. Sadly, less than 7% of the HBR membership responds. We need to hear from our members to help us in shaping the future of our community. Your collective voices will make the difference.

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Zoning & LUO Terminology & Definitions:
Jennifer Andrews, REALTOR®, City Affairs Committee Chair
Video | Presentation handout
Bill 89 (2019) Relating to Short-Term Rentals, Ordinance 19-18:
Timothy Hiu, Deputy Director, Dept. of Planning & Permitting
Video | Presentation handout | DPP's FAQ  | DPP's Short-Term Rentals website       
From REC Bulletin - Feb. 2019:
Video: How to set up Google Alerts 

About CAC

HBR’s City Affairs Committee is made up of a diverse group of REALTOR® members dedicated to address the concerns of our members and the community in which we serve as it pertains to Bills and Resolutions proposed by the Honolulu City Council or the Mayor’s Office. CAC focuses on issues that impact real property, such as private property rights, housing and development, zoning, and real property taxes. As legislation is introduced, CAC monitors which of these will impact the REALTOR® community and based on the issues, will engage accordingly. Some Bills or Resolutions die quietly, some will resurface after a long hiatus, others gain momentum right out of the gate, depending upon current events, the political climate at the time, and the raised concerns from Honolulu residents. Because City Council meets year round, sometimes with special meetings being held on short notice on important issues such as Bill 89, CAC and HBR meets year round and is heavily engaged in its commitment to serve our members. 

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