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Public Invited to Comment on Ala Moana TOD Plan

The Planning Commission of the City and County of Honolulu will hold a public hearing Wed., July 20, at 1:30 p.m. at the Mission Memorial Building to discuss adopting a community-based plan that focuses on the area surrounding the planned Ala Moana Center rail transit station. The Ala Moana district’s proposed station is part of a 21-stop rail system serving all of Honolulu. 

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Planning Commission Hearing Scheduled for Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan

The Honolulu Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to revise the Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan (SCP) Wed., July 6, at 1:30 p.m., at the Pali Golf Course Banquet Hall. The SCP is the region’s long-range plan that guides decisions and actions related to land use, infrastructure, zoning and urban design matters. The revised Koolau Poko SCP addresses the community’s vision by setting policies and guidelines for public and private investments. Key elements of the plan’s vision call for:

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City Council Passes Budget, No Increase To Real Property Taxes

Each year, the city adopts three budgets. The Executive Operating Budget explains where the city gets its money and how it will be spent to pay for day-to-day operations of the executive branch. The Legislative Budget describes how the city council and its activities will be funded. The Capital Budget lists and describes long-lived projects, such as highways, parks and buildings, which the city will undertake during the next six years, as well as identifying in which years appropriations will be required. The Capital Budget is commonly referred to as the “CIP” for Capital Improvement Program.

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Bill 35 Amends Low Income Tax Credit

Council Members Ann Kobayashi and Joey Manahan introduced Bill 35, which would amend the city’s real property tax credit program. The bill changes the 4 percent titleholder’s income provision to 3 percent, resulting in a real property tax credit for each recipient in the amount that exceeds 3 percent of their income. The income threshold would remain at $60,000; however, the bill also proposes a tax credit cap of $6,000.

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